Be honest, how often have you found yourself standing blankly in front of your *overflowing* wardrobe on Saturday morning, 30 minutes before brunch with the girls or lunch with the in-laws, with NOTHING TO WEAR?  

Did you know that by building a capsule wardrobe where everything is mix-and-match, you can actually reduce what you buy?  By this, I mean you can get more outfits out of fewer items. You’ll save money, you’ll save space in your wardrobe, you’ll find it easier to get dressed AND it’s better for the environment (buying less and buying better = sustainability and less cheap fast-fashion items ending up in landfill).

Is it just me, or does it suddenly seem like less is so much more? 

The ‘Weekend Wardrobe’ Lifestyle

Think of a capsule wardrobe as the building blocks of your closet that support the foundation of your personal style.  This wardrobe is for the modern mum who desperately wants to nail that casual chic vibe, but has zero time, what with working and grocery shopping and swimming lessons and homework and trying to make sure the kidlets are at least reasonably “dressed” when leaving the house…

Whether you’re channelling Audrey Hepburn in Two for the Road or channelling Audrey Hepburn in The Secret People – this capsule is the saviour you’ve been waiting for to help you nail that stylin’ weekend vibe with zero daily effort.






Black & White Stripe Dress


Denim Skirt

The Process

We’ve done all the planning and the thinking so you don’t have to!  A perfectly balanced Capsule Wardrobe is no mean feat, but the classic colour palette and effortlessly casual vibe that makes up this wardrobe means that every piece and every outfit is a slam-dunk.

P.S. Don’t even get me started on how long it took to find *the perfect* pair of shorts!  For those worrying about their wobbly bits being on show… These shorts are NOT booty shorts, they finish just above the knee, so offer a bit more coverage and are tres elegant.  But also? F society’s unrealistic beauty expectations. We all have wobbly bits, but it’s summer, so we’re damn well wearing shorts.

The Styling

For starters, I have it on good authority (#friendsinhighfashionplaces) that this classic nautical palette is *always* on trend for summer.  Forget trying to chase whatever the “hot new colour” is in this season (neon yellow and lilac anyone?), classics are classics for a reason.

The whole point of this particular ‘drobe is give you that effortlessly chic vibe that can seem so out of reach when you’ve spent the whole morning trying to convince your three year old that undies on the head is not “the look” this summer.  So, nailing a couple of little “zhuzh-ing” tricks can take you from I’m-just-glad-I-managed-to-dress-myself to French-woman-just-casually-wandering-out- of-a-patisserie-holding-a-croisant in no time…  

For a relaxed day-time look, style the shirtdress with its fabric tie; or dress it up by swapping the tie out for the leather belt, hello sexy dinner date!

Don’t forget to J.Crew cuff those blazer sleeves for maximum street cred.

French tuck!  Half tuck those tees for that effortless French feel. Tan from Queer Eye would be proud. 

Style your sneakers with EVERYTHING!  Comfort is cool and white sneaks are so trendy right now (and perfect for chasing little ones down shopping aisles – trust me).

And finally – make sure everything fits!!  Ain’t nobody got time for gaping buttons or ill-fitting jeans held together with a safety pin.  If you need some help in this department – click right here for a bit of Fairy Godmother assistance magic.


The Season

This baby is ready to go now and will carry you through to next Autumn at a minimum.  Mix & Match is the key to trans-seasonal outfits that outlast those trend pieces that will end up at the bottom of the laundry basket by Spring’s end and never show their face again until it’s time for a Salvo’s run.

Think you might be a Capsule Wardrobe convert?  If you’re looking for a little more info on the world of wardrobe streamlining – why not check out the first blog post in this series for our Capsule Wardrobes 101?

Oh!  And don’t forget to tag us in your #OOTD posts on the gram – #goodshoecrew – I can’t wait to see you rocking your new wardrobe!

xx Dani

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