With countless choices and so much mixed information out there, do you find yourself wondering which shoes are actually good for you?  Or whether stilettos really are your feet’s arch enemy (*ahem* hot tip: they are). 

Well, fear not. Because we, at The Good Shoe Shop, have created an easy to understand, read on the run, save to your phone, go-to infographic to answer that burning question: What makes a Good Shoe, great?

Okay, straight from the Podiatrist’s mouth.  Choosing wedding shoes is advanced stuff.

Let’s start with the basics.  What shoes should you be in, say 40% of the time or more?

Think small block heels, sneakers and the classic Mary Janes as your go-to choice for everyday style.  Not only does this give you a myriad of super cool options to match to every outfit, but these shoes have a soft spot (literally) to keep your feet happy and they also offer fixation support as well as durability and stability.   

That’s right ladies – not a Croc in sight.  There is absolutely no reason you need to sacrifice style for functionality.  Comfortable shoes DO NOT need to be daggy or ugly.

But what about the rest of the time?  Can you still have fun with your footwear? 

Of course you can!  30% of the time it’s totally fine to opt for shoes that are laid-back, comfortable and lightweight, like sandals or wedges – as long as they provide optimal walking support!  Look for options with a thick or contoured sole for cushioning and fixation straps to keep your feet in place.  Not gonna lie – Birkenstocks are a classic for a reason – they’re a great comfort sandal option (and no longer reserved for hippies and German tourists #winning).

So – what about your slip-on loafers and court shoes? 

Look – they’re not the worst.  But bust them out them sparingly, maybe 20% of the time. For short periods these types of shoes are A-OK because they do have a higher vamp (the part that covers the top of your foot) to keep your tootsies protected and in place with little effort.   

Block heels are an ideal choice for dancing the night away, check out some options that are not only padded, soft and oh-so-comfortable but also give you that win-win by having the height of a high heel AND a happy back and pelvis thanks to their lower pitch. #ThankUsLater

And while we all associate the classic ballerina flats with feminine poise and elegant grace, in reality, their beauty is only skin deep.  I blame Audrey Hepburn for this nonsense.  Don’t believe everything you see in the movies ladies.  They have very little padding or support, and your feet have to work harder just to stay inside them.   And what exactly is so elegant about having to carry your shoes home (or bin them!) because of blisters and burning soles? 

And we all have our favourite pair of thongs or low heels that we default to for ease of style. In reality though, they offer little to no support, fixation or cushioning. Sad face. Your feet deserve better than that as you go about your day-to-day, amiright?  


Which brings us back to stilettos… 

Come on.  Are you guys kidding? Sure, they’re a sexy shoe. Yes, they may make your butt look fantastic. But let’s be honest, your walking like a baby giraffe, throwing off the alignment of your hips, chest and spine, and adding excess pressure on your knees is not something you’d want to be doing on the regular. My motto “you can’t put a price on coordination” 

So, sorry, no podiatrist worth their salt is going to recommend stilettos. Even on your wedding day.  Wear them at your peril.



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