The fashion world is experiencing somewhat of a revival of all things stereotypically “feminine” – the antithesis of the minimalist movement we’ve been seeing for the last few years, and what better for Spring Racing??

A few pieces of advice to nail this anti-minimalist trend:

Adopt a more is more approach. Ruffles meet super-sized proportions, oversized sleeves are the focus

Details update design. Sweet straps, tie ribbons and statement buttons replace conventional fastenings

Wrap profiles put a feminine spin on tailoring

Don’t play safe when it comes to colour – contrasting tones make a vivacious statement

And colours trending this season?  Black and white is always a winning look, especially around Derby Day; but this season, if you’re looking to keep things fresh, why not take a punt on spring greens, yellows and dusty pinks?  OR to make a statement, sunset tones have been trending strongly, think ochres and dusty reds, which – by-the-by – pop amazingly alongside cobalt blue FTW.  And get ready for more ladies in power suits and jumpsuits than even before.  Long leg, keep it classy, but I told you – we’re aiming for comfort here!

Now let’s talk accessories – by far the easiest way to stretch that outfit over a few (or you know, all of the…) Spring events! 

It’s time to start experimenting with non-traditional materials such as resin, acrylic and beads to decorate bags and hair accessories. Oversized florals serve as the focus for soft accessories – think corsage inspired brooches and belts, or huge wallpaper floral prints on silk scarves. 

We saw a massive influx of hair clips over the summer – so you can just about guarantee they’ll be making an appearance come raceday – embellished with pearls, crystals, beads and multicoloured stones, and paired with floral motifs to up the ante on the romantic, maximalist look.

And the vintage aesthetic of the vanity case inspires hard case handbags and clutches with pearled, glitter or marbled surfaces for a little more retro appeal.  Maybe you want to go high end here, that’s up to you, but you’re definitely going to find all of these trends represented in your local Lovisa.

Don’t skimp on the jewellery either – I told you we were going all out here – but that’s the beauty of this trend, every outfit can be a million different outfits with the right accessories.  The statement earring remains a favourite – but we’re definitely heading well away from boho silver and gold – think upcycled plastics, pearls, crystals and blingy floral motifs, if you’re going to hear anything this Spring/Summer, it’s going to be “I LOVE your earrings, where did you get them??”

Or (and this is where we come in)  “Those shoes are amazing, HOW are you still wearing them??” – and if you only take one piece of advice re: Spring fashion this here, here it is.

Look after your feet!  No matter how gorge you look, the quickest way to ruin your day out is excruciatingly pinched toes or giant blisters.

if you’re buying new shoes try them on at the end of the day. Your feet can swell up to a full size in the afternoon, so make 100% sure you have the right size or you will pay.

 if you don’t want to endure pain and sacrifice the ability to walk than your best option is to go for a block heel or a wedge. They are the most stable and reduce pressure on the balls of your feet. 

they just don’t give or mould to your feet. You want good quality leather that will conform to your feet.

Spray an antiperspirant on your feet before going out. Sweat + high heels = blisters the size of dinosaur eggs!

showing off your heels? Use a foot sheet mask a few hours before going out to get rid of callouses and minimise cracks.

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