“The number one secret to looking effortlessly stylish and put together is proper fit.” – Alison Freer, Author of “How To Get Dressed”

Proper fit – it is THE reason you look at celebrities and mumble – “that dress is amazing” – while wiping chip salt off your fingers and onto your pyjama pants.


Yes, OK, that dress you’re coveting has likely been designed by a team of fabulous designers, hand-stitched by pros and sprinkled with fairy dust and mermaid tears, BUT…

More importantly, it has been tailored to fit both the celebrity’s body and movement.  

This is how Christina Hendricks can somehow pull off jeans and a ratty denim shirt and still somehow look perfectly put together.  Or how Gigi Hadid manages to simultaneously look like she just rolled out of bed, but was also dressed by a team of chirruping Disney birds. ????️

Proper tailoring means NO pulling at the shoulder seams, gaping buttonholes, camel toes, fabric pooling at ankles, twisting seams or necklines that require constant adjusting.


When your clothes fit properly they will stop fighting your body!

Women aren’t two-dimensional shapes. We have curves and every body is different. So, more often than not, the ready-to-wear clothing you’ve tried on in the fitting room, is not going to fit perfectly without a little help.

“OK Dani…  that doesn’t sound too difficult…” 

Because it’s not!

“But aren’t alterations expensive?”

OK, OK, I hear ya – but no, not really!  A $20 investment to have your pants hemmed and tapered properly can take your outfit from “blah” to “who’s that girl?”.  And spending $23 to have your jacket sleeves shortened will not only look more polished but will also stop them soaking up your ramen #winning

I’ll prove it. Here’s a home video I snapped at my last visit to the tailors. You can see an immediate improvement in the fit of the pants AND my overall look.  With no filter, Photoshop, or diet in sight. 

And of course, alterations don’t have to be reserved for designer dresses or new clothes. If you shop your own wardrobe you might find some pieces that just need mild alterations to go from bottom draw to Wardrobe MVP – which will actually save you money in the long run!

????Ok, so now the light bulb has gone off and you’re starting to think about alterations. But how should clothes be altered? And how should they fit your body? 

Well, that’s where it does get a bit tricky.  Because there’s no one-size-fits-all (pardon the pun) answer to that one.  But I can point you towards some sources of wisdom.

First, there are an amazing amount of resources available online that talk through exactly how women’s clothing should fit.  One of my favourites is Justine Leconte.  She has a fantastic YouTube channel, where she talks through fit, alterations and body shape. 


And of course my friend Alarna has some great blog posts on how to get the right fit.

But the real heroes here – are the tailors.  A good tailor is worth their weight in gold and will be able to guide you through the whole process.  Finding the right one will be the key to your new It Girl status.

I’ve listed three of my favourite tailors in Sydney below. And – insider tip – please, please make sure you try your altered garments on BEFORE you leave the tailor. I learnt this lesson the hard and expensive way!

So, next time you’re in a fitting room, under a fluorescent spotlight, feeling frustrated and frumpy. Just remember: it’s not you, it’s the clothes, and they probably just need a small alteration.

Where to find a tailor around Sydney:

Mimi Alteration
Level 5, Cnr Pitt St Mall and, Market St,
Sydney NSW 2000

Veracity Tailors
82 Celeveland St 

✂️Blue Mountains
27 Park Street
Glenbrook, New South Wales

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