Gifts from Australian female-led businesses for everyone this Christmas

The countdown has begun. Christmas decorations have hit the stores, bakeries have started pumping out that gingerbread smell and Michael Bublé is defrosting as we speak.

And maybe the panic has started setting in…

We all know it’s coming, but somehow the big guy in the red suit manages to sneak up on us.  Every. Damn. Year.

But never fear – we’re making this holiday season easy, by rounding up a “Best Of” gift guide featuring amazing products, from small Australian businesses and kick-arse female-led companies, so you can not only blow all your besties out of the water with your mad gift buying skillz, but you can also feel great knowing you’ve supported a real person (or people) and their biz this year and managed to avoid Kmart in December.  Win/win.

So let’s get gifting!

What to buy for…


Your stylin’ BFF, who always does your eye makeup before parties, reads a book a week and wouldn’t be caught dead in non-matching undies…

Our *favourite* gold pumps, so she can not only turn heads at every event this Christmas season, but be the only one still rocking the heels at night’s end (seriously, these babies are COMFY!). For 10% OFF storewide at checkout use the code: HOHOHO

The only personal style book she’ll ever need, That Effortless B*tch eBook by the one and only Alarna Hope. To snag your copy at the reduced price of $39.99 at checkout use the code: SHOEQUEEN

Literally the coolest bag on the planet from Wicker Darling that only someone as cool as your bestie could possibly rock. Fo 5% OFF storewide at checkout use the code: giftguide5 

 Vintage style lingerie from The Nylon Swish, because holy chic-balls Batman, they are some sexy undergarments.

A replacement foundation, to say thanks for all the times you’ve borrowed hers!  This stuff from MJ Cosmetics is *the best*!

And some personalised Christmas bling. How about a personalised glass bauble delivered in a luxury gift box and ribbon by Calligraphy En Vogue. For 15% OFF at checkout use the code: TGSS

Your partner in crime who makes *the best* cocktails and never fails to offer to have the after-party at her house (which inexplicably always smells like Cardomom & Dark Chocolate)…

 A pair of statement shoes that will keep her feet so comfy she’ll be able to dance all night and guarantee she’s the life of every party this festive season.

 A bottle (or two, or three) of 6ft6 Prosecco – you know there’s no way that’s going to waste when the two of you get together.

 A schmancy box of Winnow Chocolates, you know she loves the good stuff, but at this time of year, even the old Cadbury Caramilk is out of the price range…

Something gorgeous (and ethically made) from her faves at Doops to wear on Christmas Day!

 And THAT candle from Frankie Gusti – because now you know where her signature scent comes from (maybe grab one for yourself while you’re at it!!)

That friend (or relly!) who somehow finds time to do daily yoga AND run 30km a week, lives in a jungalow and makes the BEST peanut butter protein balls…

 A pair of stylin’ sneaks from TGSS because these babies are the bomb (and you know you’re never going to wrangle her into anything else).

One of the *coolest* puzzles around, she’s a magical zen swan and the only person you know who would actually take time out to sit down and do a gorgeous mindfulness puzzle from Okay Lady.

 A Healthy Baking Bundle from Wholefood SocietyOrganic and Gluten-Free Banana Bread and Choc-Chip Cookies??  Because if you don’t – I will!!

 A gorgeous handcrafted botanical vessel from Willow Woods because literally nothing is safer than buying her a plant.

 And the BEST sunscreen from Ultra Violette, made to slot right into her daily morning ritual.  For everyday use under the makeup, but also for those 10km runs, which you refuse to join her on.


Your globe-trotting high school bud, who literally climbs mountains, always cracks up before she gets to the punch line and (still!) has a crush on David Attenborough…

A pair of TGSS sandals, crazy comfy, super versatile and easy to throw in the suitcase for wherever she’s tripping off to this year!

 A super sexy beach/nappy/travel bag.  Practical and beautiful, The Friday People bags are the ultimate beach bag, baby bag, carry-on bag and weekender. 

 The perfect Travel Blanket/Picnic Rug combo from Grampians Goods for all her outdoorsy, mountaineering, globetrotting blanket needs.

 And the absolute classiest wine stake known to man from Winestains Barossa (and maybe a bottle of vino to go with it!).  Perfection. For 15% OFF their Travel Picnic Stake use the code: HAPPYDAYS


Your mother’s group KK or new mum next door, your super stylish nieces and nephews or even your own littlies, who are spoiled beyond belief, but awesome at saying thank-you and melt your heart with their faces on the reg…

 Organic, ethical and functional baby clothing from Our Joey.  It’s just so dreamy, how can anyone resist?? For 15% OFF store wide use the code:  JOEYXMAS15

Books, books and more books, but *especially* spectacularly hand-illustrated magical and whimsical picture books from Adored Illustrations.

 Literally anything from Curious Kids Science, because that stuff is rad and if you want your kids to win the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, you’ve gotta start ‘em young!

 Eco-conscious, beautiful, educational toys, made to last from Tiny Paper Co, so you can feel good about the fact that you’re not buying *more* plastic crap that might excite the kidlets for five minutes, but that their parents are cursing you for.

And hats all round!  Because we live in Australia and hats in summer are a given, but Threads For Your Heads bucket hats are way better than those cheapies from Kmart.

Happy shopping friends shoe-lovers.


xx Dani

PS Big shout out to Eli from OMF Socials for her magical word wizardry and to Kandice from Pixel Ink Paper Heart for her pixel perfect design. You always take my crazy ramblings and ideas and craft them into something delightful. 


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